DDR East German Stasi shoot for Vogue website

from the Vogue website:

A very sleek setting for the talents shooting by Lucia Giacani and Rossana Mazza. Among the props are various objects including telephones sets and old style radios while the protagonist is a woman who works in an office, hence her wardrobe is elegant yet practical and the clothes she wears feature clean lines but never too sharp or formal and the overall impression is that of refinement. Among the pieces are coats and pencil skirts in warm hues and dresses with print evoking the 70s like the whole furnishing. A rather popular choice in this period, a nod to a still relevant past which, in this editorial, is reinterpreted with a few minor yet very spot-on twists such as the photography and the hair and make-up choices.

Lucia Giacani – photographer
Lucia Giacani is a freelance photographer. She lives and Milan and is committed to photography since 1998. Born in Jesi (Ancona) in 1976, she lived in Rome for years where she graduated from the Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche and where she also began her intense photographic activity, which has given her many awards. She currently works in the editorial and fashion businesses, creating photo shoots and collaborating with different international and national magazines.

Rossana Mazza – stylist
Following the degree in Educational Sciences where she graduated with a thesis in Sociology of Fashion, she became familiar with the work of the office of a fashion magazine whilst doing an internship atVanity Fair which gave her the opportunity to get first-hand experience of a world she is totally in love with. Following a stint working in PR for a fashion press office in Milan and as an assistant for several fashion editors, she started collaborating with Condè Nast working as a freelance stylist for Vogue Pelle magazine. She has established a solid collaboration with other magazines from the same publishing group such as Vogue Accessory and Vogue Gioiellocultivating her passion for fashion but also for the quirkiest props and, if need be, she is happy to take on the role of set-designer.

Fashion Photographer: Lucia Giacani 
Stylist: Rossana Mazza 
Hair: Marco Minunno @ MKS – Milano using L’Oreal Professionel 
Make-up: Aaron Henrikson @ Green Apple 
Stylist assistant: Emanuela Smisek 
Model: Evelina Toteva @ Fashion 
Creative Director: Maxwell Goodway

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