Stylists business card

This is a rough idea for a stylists business card that I made this morning… This (above) is the second version. What is interesting is the use of the word ‘sequin’, it doesn’t sound very english. In fact it entered English from the French. ‘Sequin’ initially appeared via the appropriation of the Italian ‘zecchini’ which … Continue reading


This is a decal/sticker that I made for the headboard of Ari’s bed, available along with more of my designs from here. Below is a robot I made using an electrical switchbox control panel and Paolo’s kitchen.


Coming back from Prague we must have picked up something in the aeroplane as both Lucia and myself are feeling quite ill! But we are getting better by popping some pills.

Christmas is coming again…

The one thing I will miss this Christmas is doing Indesit company’s Christmas card. Usually started after the August holidays, it is a big thing for the company. It goes all the way to the top. It reaches every employee and obviously thousands get sent out by the various offices to friends and colleagues. Above … Continue reading

Skeletons in the closet

This is one of Lucia’s most requested photos, the dog skeleton was borrowed from the local university of veterinary studies. But it came on a big wooden plinth that we had to composite out of all the photos. One of the most difficult things in photo compositing is the shadows, often if it looks wrong … Continue reading

they only come out at night

Me and my brother jack are the models in this shoot. If we were wearing Armani suits it could have been a Dazed & Confused photo shoot. There is something very British about these shots, a refined, eccentric dandyism yet violently ladish at the same time. Photos by Lucia Giacani .

A sign of the times

The image above I made a few years ago, but it still remains one of my favourite to this day. I took it on the spur of the moment. The image beneath is from a trip to Berlin, in the hope to make a sequence… or a theme… but I am not so happy about … Continue reading


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